April Hitch of the Month: Penner Family Belgians aka Karleen Meyer

Draft Horse Show

My family, Penner Family Belgians has had a presence at Idaho State Draft Horse International starting with the second show. I was the only one of us 4 kids that enjoyed the horses with Dad. After he passed away I kept 3 of our favorites, the big hitch wagon and the show harness that he made himself. 

Dad grew up with horses & mules. Driving a 32 hitch of mules on a combine when he was 16. The work harness I use today is some of that harness that he made bigger when he got his first drafts in 1972. His first draft from a Midwest sale, Pat was a mainstay of the hitch and my teacher/trainer for many years.

Some of the membership was asked to put on a exhibition at a Lilac City Horse Show at Spokane Fairgrounds. The morning of the last day Mt. St. Helens decided to blow her top! Leaving some of us stranded in Spokane till authorities released us.

I have served as a North Idaho Draft Horse & Mule Association Secretary, board member and Show Committee throughout the years.

Up until 2012 it was Belgian horses. I had a Belgian mare bred to a Percheron stud which produced 2 foals then I've bought a Percheron Filly from the mid-west and now her full brother, too.

I get the most enjoyment away from the arena with my horses. Doing Spring farm work, a yearly wagon train trip, Harvest days, a parade or two and the North Idaho State Fair.

Generally you don't travel with these big guys by yourself. I've been fortunate to have friends and family to help. First grade school chum Joy Crupper who has her own team, now; Bing, a riding buddy, oldest grandson CJ, who couldn't reach their backs when he started but now he can reach over the top of them. Good friends, Dick & Debbie Frank enjoy them with me now.

As we start a new chapter for the Idaho State Draft Horse and Mule International Show in Coeur d'Alene July 4-7 PLEASE COME join us at the Fairgrounds. You will see me with my little red wagon. 

Get your tickets and camping on our web site and see the schedule of events at www.idahodrafthorseshow.com